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David Beyer, B.F.A. Governing Board Member, Acting President

David Beyer grew up in Scottsdale, where he went to school and now works as a “Creative Pro,” and education professional for Apple, Inc. Since 2015, Mr. Beyer has served as a member of the Board of Directors for STEM Arizona. He has enhanced his skill sets and challenged himself with experiences that are making the organization stronger.

Mr. Beyer has been a trainer for Apple Inc. for almost a decade. During that time he has used tech education as a way to enrich the experiences of people from a wide range of ages and professions. Mr. Beyer has taught children how to code, he’s taught entrepreneurs how to start a business, and he’s helped seniors keep pace with the rapidly evolving world around them.

Mr. Beyer has over a decade of experience in the arts industry. He received a BFA from Arizona State University. He has used that experience to start his own photography business and is a photography instructor to his peers. Mr. Beyer has been contracted to provide graphic design for many businesses and non-profits, including STEM Arizona’s own Storybook Cottage. His work for STEM Arizona in 2014 and 2015 with Storybook Cottage is what sparked his interest in developing DaVTA.

Mr. Beyer has over five years of cross-cultural and travel experience, reaching India, Africa and the Middle East. During each trip, he supported a team that learned languages and engaged with local people throughout all social strata. His goal has always been to keep learning – to “…change ourselves and our communities from a global perspective.”

As a result of his deeper understanding of the complex relationships that exist between people of different religions gained from his experience in the Middle East, Mr. Beyer worked hard to create peaceful dialogue between Christian and Muslim communities here in the United States of America. Mr. Beyer has also helped start a self-sustaining agricultural business in Uganda that provides food, water, and education to tens of thousands of people.

Education is intensely important to him:

“Through it, we understand each other and the world we care for. That understanding creates a more just and peaceful existence where we can push the human race farther. It is an honor to be part of an organization that values education so highly.”

Vivian Ruskowitz, B.Ed. Teacher, Ex-Officio Governing Board Member

Vivian Ruskowitz has been an educator for over 11 years, teaching grade levels from pre-school to 8th grade. Mrs. Ruskowitz has also taught Spanish to students in grades K-8. She has volunteer experience as a religious education teacher. She is also a parent who has raised 3 children while being actively involved in their education.

As a child and young adult, Mrs. Ruskowitz always struggled with learning new concepts. She sees herself in many of her students. This inspires her to encourage struggling students to be successful. Mrs. Ruskowitz takes the time to tutor and to use different teaching methodologies that will be a good fit for a given student.

As a continuously employed primary teacher (K-3), Mrs. Ruskowitz has direct insight into how children are currently learning. She keeps herself well versed in Arizona state standards, as she implements them in her teaching. She also seeks ways to strengthen her knowledge base by actively pursuing and attending Professional Development workshops. She currently uses STEM teaching methods in her first grade classroom.

Mrs. Ruskowitz states, “I am passionate about education and helping students reach their full potential. I want children to love school. I want them to have confidence in themselves and to take pride in their work and accomplishments. I want students to be lifelong learners.”

Shuang Chen, B.S., M.A. Future Governing Board Member

Mr. Chen is also knows as “Alec.” Mr. Chen’s profile will be updated shortly.

Mr. Chen has a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the Eller School of Business at the University of Arizona. He also has a Master’s of Science in Applied Analytics from Columbia University in New York.

Matt Roll, B.S., M.Ed. School Principal, Ex-Officio (non-voting) Governing Board Member

Matt Roll is one of the founders and current Board Member. From 2011 to 2018, he worked for Apple Inc. in Southern Arizona. He worked in Apple’s business department.

  • Acting as a “trusted advisor” and business consultant in the areas of technology and finance for companies seeking to incorporate Apple products.
  • Hosting & facilitating events on behalf of Apple.
  • Representing Apple during discussions with other companies.
  • Acting as a liaison connecting business decision makers and IT professionals with 
engineering, finance, and development teams within Apple.
  • Performing tasks associated with inside/outside sales.

Between 2008 and 2013, Mr. Roll worked as a middle school teacher and IT Director. He taught courses in Social Studies, Science, Algebra, Literature, and Geometry. His students have been known to go on to academically challenging local high schools, including Salpointe Catholic High School, University High School, and BASIS.

Prior to working as a teacher in America, Mr. Roll had the pleasure working and volunteering in Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has been on the board of several non-profits including one, which he founded, which now serves the fresh water needs of over 100,000 people in a sub-Saharan community.

Mr. Roll has a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He also has a Master’s of Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

Board of Directors for Science Technology Engineering and Math Arizona circa 2017.

All public notices of Board Meetings for Da Vinci Tree Academy are posted at Da Vinci Tree Academy’s  building at 8055 E 22nd Street in Tucson, Arizona. The postings are placed outside the Principal’s Office on the bulletin board located on the West side of the hall (by the Front Door to the school and across from the Office Manager’s desk). Notices are also posted on our website under “Governing Board.”