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A few of our ten year old students disassembling a computer and labeling its parts.


Da Vinci Tree’s program has several completely unique elements along with many best practices. These include:

  1. Enrichment Fridays – Enrichment Fridays are set up exclusively for the following purposes:
    1. Field Trips
    2. Catching up with missed work or areas that need more review
    3. Clubs
    4. Long projects that don’t fit comfortably in a normal subject’s timeframe
  2. Coding with Swift on iPads
  3. Creating and editing media content
  4. Building things (computers, robots, software, clothing, etc)
  5. A primary focus on reading, writing, and mathematics
  6. Global perspectives on learning and working

There are a bunch of other things our program includes. Contact Us or take a school tour to find out more!

Need more details about Our Programs?

Please click here if you need a more detailed academic description of our programs here at Da Vinci Tree Academy.