Why Da Vinci Tree?

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Advantages to Da Vinci Tree

We speak highly and favorably of both our school and the schools in our area. Even so, we think that there are some solid reasons why you should choose Da Vinci Tree for your child’s education!

  1. We have a dynamic program that combines a rigorous, traditional education with a contemporary STEM curriculum. It’s important that students can read, write, and do math, otherwise they won’t be able to code, model, and build!
  2. We have small class sizes. Classes can range from as few as a dozen students or as many as two dozen.
  3. Students are inspired to work outside of the classroom. Our engaging lessons teach kids to code, make movies, build things, and much more! We also supply students with the resources to do many of these things on their own at home when they aren’t in school.
  4. All students utilize the latest technology. Every student is given an iPad for classwork. Younger students keep their iPads at school and older students take them home to complete assignments, do projects, and explore their creative abilities!
  5. Field Trips! Of course we have the fun and exciting field trips families come to expect in the younger grades. These trips include going to Apple Orchards, museums, the zoo, etc. Our older kids also visit science labs, universities, and go to Catalina Island for a week of Marine Biology.

We are globally minded. Some schools say they’re globally minded and take an occasional international field trip. Our leadership team (and some of our staff) is made up of people who have worked and lived in different parts of the world and really know what it means to be globally competitive.